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Electrolux WH6-6
6 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux WH6-33
33 kg capacity
Miele 8kg set
Available from stock
Industrial Electrolux W5105H
10 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux W4105H
10 kg capacity
Professional Electrolux W575H
8 kg capacity
Electrolux W4600H
60 kg capacity
Electrolux T3530
30 kg capacity
Electrolux W555H
6 kg capacity
Electrolux W4300 H
30 kg capacity
Electrolux WH6-8
8 kg capacity
Miele PWM 906
6 kg capacity
Want to buy an industrial washing machine?

Industrial washing machines are perfect for intensive and professional washing. Moreover, these machines last a lot longer than domestic or professional washing machines. They are also a lot more energy-efficient, often saving you a lot compared to household machines.

These robust washing machines can handle being on all day, which is what they are designed for.

We have the largest stock in the Benelux and have been installing these machines at our customers' premises for over 30 years. We supply both individual machines and complete sets including dryers and ironers. We also take care of the installation and the entire logistics process.

Besides new machines, we also supply completely reconditioned industrial washing machines with warranty certificate!

We are happy to help you make the right choice so that you don't regret the chosen solution later, feel free to ask for free advice and one of our advisors will be happy to talk to you digitally or with a fresh cup of coffee.


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FAQs about industrial washing machines

The starting price for a new industrial washing machine is around €3,000. We can supply a reconditioned industrial washing machine from €1,200.

Furthermore, the cost of an industrial washing machine can vary greatly, depending on the brand, the type of machine and the desired capacity and functions.

So, buying an industrial washing machine ranges from a few thousand euros cost to tens of thousands of euros, depending on your company's specific requirements and needs.

The difference between industrial washing machines and professional washing machines is difficult to determine. This quickly amounts to comparing apples and oranges. Professional washing machines often resemble optimised household machines in features. On the contrary, Industrial Washers are indeed built differently.

Of course, every washing solution requires customisation, for one person a professional washing machine is the solution while another situation might call for an industrial washing machine. We understand that you don't face this choice every day.

However, there are also some specific differences between professional and industrial washing machines:

Capacity: Industrial washing machines tend to be larger and have a higher capacity than professional washing machines because they are designed to work with larger amounts of laundry.
Features: Industrial washing machines often have more advanced features and programmes than professional washing machines, as they are designed to meet the specific needs of industrial environments.
Cost: Industrial washing machines tend to be more expensive than professional washing machines because they are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments and to work with larger amounts of laundry.

There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing the right industrial washing machine:

Capacity: It is important to choose a washing machine with a capacity that matches the amount of laundry you expect to have to handle. Consider how much laundry you expect to have to wash per day or per week on average, and choose a machine that meets this.

Features: Consider what specific features your business needs, such as automatic detergent dosing, a hot water connection or an extra-long wash cycle. Choose a machine that meets your specific needs.

Energy efficiency: Industrial washing machines can use a lot of energy, so it is important to choose an energy-efficient model to save energy costs.

Brand and reputation: Choose a reliable brand with a good reputation for quality and service.

Our largest industrial washing machine that we can supply from stock contains a capacity of 120 kg, should a larger machine be required we can always order it for you!

An industrial washing machine may be more energy-efficient than a domestic washing machine, depending on its specific features and functions. Industrial washing machines are typically larger and have a higher capacity than domestic washing machines, so they may be able to handle more laundry at once, which can help save energy by requiring fewer washes.

In addition, our industrial washing machines are designed with energy efficiency in mind, with features such as heat exchangers that use the heat from the drain water to heat up the cold water introduced, which can help save energy.

The number of running hours an industrial washing machine lasts can vary greatly and depends on several factors, such as the make and model of the washing machine, the quality of maintenance, the frequency with which the machine is used and the conditions under which the machine is used

In general, industrial washing machines can last between 10,000 and 100,000 running hours before needing replacement. It is important to carry out regular maintenance on the washing machine to ensure that it lasts as many hours of operation as possible and to avoid problems that could affect the life of the machine.

By comparison, a household machine lasts between 1,000 and 15,000 running hours.

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Why an industrial washing machine?

Here are seven benefits of an industrial washing machine:

Higher capacity: An industrial washing machine allows you to process large volumes of laundry at once, increasing the efficiency of your washing processes and saving time.

Reliability and durability: Industrial washing machines are designed to withstand heavy loads and intensive use. They are robust and built to last, so you can rely on their reliability and durability.

Advanced features and customisation options: Industrial washing machines offer advanced features and customisation options, such as programmes for different types of textiles and dirt levels, temperature and water control and variable spin speeds. This allows you to achieve optimal washing results for different types of laundry.

Time-saving: The higher capacity and efficient operation of industrial washing machines allows you to process large volumes of laundry faster, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

Energy and water savings: Industrial washing machines are often designed with energy-efficient technologies, so they use less energy and water than older models. This not only helps you save costs, but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Thorough cleaning: Thanks to powerful wash action and advanced wash programmes, industrial washing machines offer thorough cleaning of even the most stubborn dirt and stains, leaving your laundry fresh and clean.

Suitable for various sectors: Industrial washing machines are ideal for various sectors such as hotels, hospitals, laundrettes and gyms. They can easily handle large amounts of laundry of different types and sizes, making them versatile.

Suitable industries industrial washing machines

The fact that industrial washing machines last a lot longer makes these washing machines ideal for:

dry cleaners;
catering establishments;
Maritime sector;
petrol stations.

These powerful washing machines are basically for anyone who wants to wash at a professional level.

New or Rebuilded industrial washing machine?

We offer both reconditioned- and new industrial washing machines, even a combination is possible.

When we started 30 years ago, overhauling industrial and professional washing machines was our core business. We have been overhauling Miele and Electrolux washing machines for 30 years, we know all machines inside and out.

We export our reconditioned and new laundry machines all over the world, and install these machines at your location with our own team. In our own workshop in Hardenberg (Overijssel/Netherlands), we overhaul every machine we supply. This ensures that you buy a machine that will last for many years.

We have both new and reconditioned machines in stock.

Official Miele and Electrolux dealer

We are exclusive dealers of the top brands Miele and Electrolux, the industrial washing machines of these brands each have their own strong features. One of the similarities is that they are both established brands with quality incredibly high.

Why choose Laundry Systems

For more than 25 years, we have tried to look at the total picture when it comes to industrial laundry equipment. For example, we discovered early on that purchasing laundry equipment is only 20% of the cost.

The rest of the cost goes to energy, chemicals and maintenance. This means that choosing the right laundry equipment and setting up the laundry process correctly has a big impact on the overall picture.

That is why we do not only look at the purchase of industrial laundry equipment, but we look at the total picture so that you have the best solution for the entire lifespan of the laundry equipment.

Curious about your 80%? We are happy to offer you our 30 years of experience so you don't have to do any research yourself, just schedule a no-obligation consultation!