Laundry Systems is coming up with a unique concept: the mobile laundry container.

No space for a laundry or need a laundry facility that you can temporarily use and move when needed? With the mobile laundry container, this is possible for the first time. We come up with a unique concept where we build a complete laundry facility in a 20 or 40 ft container. Through our years of experience within the laundry industry and our collaborations with Miele and Electrolux, we not only set up the machines very efficiently and self-sufficiently, but you also have absolute A-brands and are guaranteed a quality and sustainable solution.

Completely self-sufficient

The laundry is completely self-sufficient and requires only water and power supply to function completely on its own as a full commercial laundry or laundromat. The container laundry is equipped with its own water supplies so no special high-pressure water connections are needed. The water pressure is regulated through its own pump so that the machines can always be supplied with sufficient water. In addition, the machines can be connected to a payment system and/or soap dispensing system if desired.

Different capacities and setups possible

The container is available in both a 20ft and 40ft container and therefore also available with different capacities and setups. For example, you can choose laundry equipment up to 20kg capacity but also add a mangle. Up to 80kg of washing and drying capacity per hour can be achieved with a container setup.

Because we have full in-house production, this is always designed in consultation and we will discuss together the best possible setup for your specific issue.

For your convenience, we have already worked out 2 possible setups as shown in the technical drawings below:

20ft container

40ft container


In-house production

Because we have the production entirely under our own management, the containers can be set up according to your wishes and we can switch quickly. Thus, a container can already be produced in 2 weeks and easily transported to the desired location. We give personal advice and you can visit us to get advice or look at the possibilities we offer.

Suitable industries and applications

Temporary/moving laundry:

  • Events
  • Vacation parks
  • Festivals
  • Temporary locations


Commercial laundry (temporary locations or a location without available space)

  • Care institutions
  • Campgrounds & vacation parks
  • Commercial laundry
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Emergency & shelter locations


The container can be further personalized on the outside to match, for example, the style of your resort, vacation park or the theme of the event where the laundry container will be used.

Thus, the container serves not only a functional purpose but also as an advertising/marketing tool during transport and on location.

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