Financing options for your professional laundry business

When you are looking for professional laundry equipment you can use it for different purposes, you can use it for your campsite, professional laundry, healthcare facility or totally something else. Two factors are the same everywhere, the ultimate goal is clean laundry and it has to be paid for.

But is it that simple? We see that everyone behind clean laundry has a different need. For some it is the core business and for others it is "something on the side" and "it just has to do it." For some it costs money, for others it makes a living.

We also like to think along with our customers when it comes to financing. Some want to buy, others want to rent, lease or pay in installments. In some cases we can even install a machine for free. Wondering how that works? Then read on.

Rent professional laundry equipment

We have the possibility to rent machines, therefore it requires no investment in advance. In addition, we ensure that the machine(s) keep running by performing regular maintenance. We even replace the machines if they break down through no fault of your own.

Lease professional laundry equipment

When you choose to lease the laundry equipment, the machines become your property, this form also requires no investment in advance. The advantage of this over renting is that you end up with a residual value.

We can offer you various lease constructions, curious about your possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

Free professional laundry equipment?

In some cases we can offer you free professional laundry equipment, we place the machines so you can offer an extra service to your guests and we exploit the income from the machines.

This option can be interesting for example for campsites, apartment complexes or for example stables.

Need help?

Of course, you can also purchase the machines right away or pay for them in pre-arranged installments. The bottom line is that we are happy to think along with you and advise you.

Feel free to ask for advice!

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