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27 kg set

W4240H & T5550

Capacity 27 kg
guarantee included
list price 28.718-
Just arrived - Washers
Electrolux W4130S
Capacity 14 kg
12 maanden garantie
Electrolux W4300H
Capacity 33 kg
Met garantie
Electrolux WSB3340H
Capacity 35 kg
mit Garantie

Just arrived - Dryers
Electrolux T4250
Capacity 13 kg
Electrolux T4350
Capacity 19 kg
Electrolux T4530
Capacity 30 kg
What can we offer you? offers sales, leasing, maintenance and revison of industrial washers, dryers and ironers worldwide. Because of our authorized dealership of Electrolux we can offer new and reconditioned washers, dryers and ironers. We have the largest number of stock of reconditioned industrial machines from the A-brands of Electrolux and Miele. We can supply one machine till a full range of machines, you are at the right place!


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