Electrolux WH6-6

About this machine

This industrial washing machine from Electrolux with a 6kg load capacity is specially designed to clean large amounts of laundry as economically as possible without compromising on speed and user-friendliness. Lees meer >

  • wave-shape Capacity 6 kg
  • wave-shape Automatic Savings: reducing consumption
  • wave-shape Power Balance system against unbalance
  • wave-shape High spin force
  • wave-shape Connectable to payment and/or dispensing system
  • wave-shape Available with a range of matching dryers
  • wave-shape Multiple in stock

In stock

Brand: Electrolux
Type: WH6-6
Capacity: 6 kg
Status: New
Heating: Electric/gas/steam
Official dealer of
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Its industrial quality means you can clean large amounts of laundry in a short time, it can withstand heavy soiling and it lasts a lot longer than a domestic or professional washing machine.

Besides the usual exceptional quality and ease of use, Electrolux's new L6000 line now comes with a new control that ensures you have all the options you need to optimise processes even further.

For example, thanks to automatic adjustment of water and energy consumption, the machine never uses more than necessary. And through easy insight, the processes can be further optimised or changed as required. You also have real-time insight into which machine is running and its current status. So unnecessary waiting for your laundry is a thing of the past.

Besides all these conveniences, the machine can be connected to a payment system and a dosing system, making it highly suitable for applications in any industry.


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Besides supplying new equipment from Electrolux, we are also a certified dealer of Miele Professional and also sell reconditioned washing machines, dryers and mangles.  

Almost all products are available from stock or can be delivered at short notice in the Netherlands or internationally. Please contact us for the possibilities.

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