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Electrolux WH6-6
6 kg capacity
Electrolux WH6-7
7 kg capacity
Electrolux WH6-8
8 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux WH6-27
27 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux WH6-20
20 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux WH6-11
11 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux WH6-14
14 kg capacity
Industrial Electrolux WH6-33
33 kg capacity
Industrial washing machine from Electrolux

We have been a certified dealer of Electrolux for many years. Electrolux is a leading brand in the industry, known for its high-quality, reliable and energy-efficient equipment. Our extensive selection of Electrolux industrial washing machines offers a range of advanced features and innovative technologies designed to meet the most demanding washing requirements.

With an Electrolux industrial washing machine, you not only get a robust and durable appliance, but also benefit from an efficient and cost-effective solution. These machines are specially designed to clean large volumes of laundry quickly and thoroughly, keeping your business processes running smoothly and your customers happy.

We can offer both new- and refurbished washing machines from Electrolux.

Our design is made for you

Doing laundry every day, with repetitive movements such as bending, stooping and reaching, cause stress that decrease productivity and make work more difficult. By focusing on the mental and physical relationship between appliance and user, we make all these movements easier, for a user-friendly and effortless experience.


Certified comfort

The user-friendly and ergonomic design of the L6000 washers and dryers is certified to international standards. Tested and approved by users, our appliances reduce stress and strain so that your operators - and your business - can grow. ClarusVibe washers and some dryers have earned the prestigious ERGOCERT 4-star rating, the highest available rating for ergonomics.


Pioneers in user-friendliness

Ergonomic adjustments reduce work-related musculoskeletal disorders by 59%, resulting in an average 75% reduction in sick leave and a 25% increase in productivity


Choose between 2 types of operation: ClarusVibe or CompassPro.


Clarus Vibe

The ClarusVibe control, the latest and most complete interface, guarantees an intuitive experience and smooth interaction. For smart and effortless management of the washing process. Easy to operate, without prior training. ClarusVibe is pre-programmed on delivery with the programmes best suited to your type of business and local legislation.


Compass pro

CompassPro, the more traditional interface, received a new and more user-friendly design. Flexible and customisable, it comes with preset programmes and free choices. 18 languages available

Look further to know how much you really save

When calculating the cost of an investment, acquisition costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Operating costs accumulate year after year and make up the bulk of your expenses. In the long run, our washers and dryers will cost you much less, for a profitable investment.

OnE Connected helps you get top performance from your Electrolux Professional solutions. Increase your profits and accelerate your return on investment.


All Line 6000 machines are ready for connectivity

Increased productivity

Check the current status of any Line 6000 washer or dryer anywhere, anytime, and view the various consumption parameters.

Smart use.

Use OnE Connected to know which machines are on and which are not, so you can balance and optimise the process

Optimal efficiency

Electrolux Professional OnE Connected helps you minimise consumption and increase the efficiency of your business.

Smart configuration.

You have all the information you need to scale up your business and take on more work, or add a new machine as the business grows.

Maximum availability

With Electrolux's exceptional quality, failures and service calls are minimised which ensures you have maximum availability over your machine.

Moreover, the machine's connectivity makes it easy to manage. For service and maintenance, you can of course contact us if necessary.

Improved planning

OnE Connected provides you with the info you need to better organise your workflow.

Track the status of your washers and dryers in multiple locations: working time, operator waiting time and total working time (hourly, daily, monthly or yearly).

The result helps you organise your staff, optimise your workflow and avoid idle hours

Why choose Laundry Systems

Besides our 30 years of experience in the industrial washing machine market, we have the largest stock in the Benelux. This combination ensures that we can always deliver a suitable solution directly and quickly.

In addition, it doesn't stop once the machine has been purchased; we know that laundry always goes on. Even after purchase, we provide maintenance and are available 24/7 for any breakdowns.

Of course, we understand better than anyone that you don't just buy an industrial washing machine. You have to take into account the number of kilos you want to wash, whether you have the right drains, whether you have power supply and whether you want to rent, buy or lease.

We are happy to offer you our 30 years of experience so you don't have to do any research yourself, just schedule a no-obligation consultation.


What else we can do for you


Almost all products are available from stock or can be delivered at short notice in the Netherlands or internationally. Please contact us for the possibilities.