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Below you will find a selection from our wide range of industrial dryers.
All our dryers are completely reconditioned by our company in the Netherlands.
For over 25 years we are the specialists of industrial laundry machines.
Purchase, lease, and export we are the right choice!
We have continuously more than 100 industrial dryers on stock.

Merk Type Capaciteit
Electrolux T4190 7.5 KG
Electrolux T4250 10 KG
Electrolux T4250 13 kg
Electrolux T4290 14 KG
Electrolux T3290 14 kg
Electrolux T3290 16 kg
Electrolux T4350 19 kg
Electrolux T4350 19 kg
Electrolux TT600 27 KG
Electrolux T4530 30 kg
Electrolux T3530 30 kg
Electrolux T4650 37 kg
Electrolux T3650 37 kg
Miele PT7251  kg
Miele T6251 10 KG
Miele PT8257 10 KG
Miele PT7331 10 KG
Miele PT8337 13 KG
Miele PT7331 13 KG
Miele T6351 14 KG
Miele PT7501 20 KG
Miele T6551 22 KG
Miele T6551 22 KG
Miele T6751 32 KG
Miele T6750 32 KG

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